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Alteya Organics - Bio Damascena Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate 30ml

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Our Certified Organic and Supercharged Rose Otto Regenerating Concentrate glides on and absorbs in seconds to hydrate, stimulate cell regeneration and boost radiance, without the use of harmful chemicals. The advanced, non-toxic formula uses potent bio-active ingredients to improve skin texture and natural glow, and achieve brighter, softer, younger-looking skin.


This powerful Supercharged Regenerating Concentrate deploys its youth-enhancing effectiveness, with visible results to naked eyes, in less than 15 minutes after first use. It helps transform texture, reduce wrinkles and improve skin’s luminosity, day after day, reaching its optimum effectiveness in 30 days of use.

– Rose Otto and Mullein Extracts Improve luminosity and brighten skin
– White Truffle reduces wrinkles and eye bags, improves elasticity and boosts collagen synthesis
– Marine BioActive Complex detoxifies skin and tightens the collagen network
– Candeia Flower Extract reduces irritation and inflammation


– Increases skin luminosity and radiance 
– Improves skin elasticity +35%
– Provides long term hydration +48%
– Helps reduces wrinkles by -12.8% and eye bags by -14%
– It has tightening effect on the collagen fiber network 15 minutes after being applied – wrinkles are quickly reduced

Rosa Damascena Oil 

– Rich in complex array of minerals and vitamins, it helps firm and tone skin ensuring more youthful appearance
– Essential antioxidants rejuvenate skin, help fight free radicals and all signs of aging
– It has a positive effect on surface capillaries to even skin tone and improve complexion

Mullein Flower 
– Protect skin from photo- oxidative stress
– Transform harmful UV radiation into a source of light that radiates from skin
– Increases skin luminosity and radiance of L parameter by 5.5 units after first use

White Truffle 
– A rare phytocomplex with positive epigenetic modulation of anti-aging, repairing and protective genes
– improves skin elasticity +35%
– provides long term hydration +48%
– helps reduces wrinkles by -12.8% and eye bags by -14%
– delivers a relevant filler effect of +0.39mm after one use

Marine BioActive Complex – a powerful combination of different algae extracts to fight wrinkles and sagging skin
– It has re-densifying and tightening effect on the collagen fiber network 15 minutes after being applied – wrinkles are almost immediately filled in
– Provides antioxidant effect by protecting skin neurons from free radicals and aging
– Restarts and boosts collagen and elastic synthesis
– Helps to significantly reduce the depth and surface area of wrinkles

Candeia Flower 
– A natural solution to Inhibit hyper-pigmentation and increase skin lightening
– Supports cell regeneration, stimulate collagen production and healing
– Instantly reduces irritation and significantly tames down inflammation
– It has been found to inhibit the enzymes in skin that help break down collagen and cause most signs of aging

*All claims are based upon external clinical, lab and consumer studies done on specific ingredients. All are based on twice-daily use. Results may vary.

How To use:

Gently apply serum into face. A gentle massage optimizes absorption, improves circulation and enhances the aromatherapy effect. Use after you cleanse, tone and apply rose water essence to face, neck and decollate.

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