Florame Organic Essential Oils & Cosmetics

源自法國聖雷米 普羅旺斯 (Saint Rémy de Provence)

Florame Organics Skincare

• 芳香世家,始於1990年
• 種植、科研、生產的總部
• 屬國家公園受保護地區,園內種植多樣芳香植物,作生產精油原材
• 園內另設芳香博物館,成為普羅旺斯旅遊熱點


【全系列產品獲歐盟COSMOS 有機認證】

Since its birth in 1990 in Provence, land of predilection of the color and the scents, Florame masters the wonder of the distillation, this ancestral know-how: just a little vapor water so that the quintessence of the plant is released. Light, precious, fragrant, Florame selects worldwilde the most beautiful Essential Oils.

All Florame organic essential oils are guaranteed "from organic farming" and are subject to the strictest controls to ensure optimum quality.

In pure preparation or blending in exclusive complexes, Florame draws the best of the virtues of organic Essential Oils to create products that restore the natural harmony of body and mind.

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