Our Ingredients

At Skin Corner, we offer natural and certified organic beauty products from sustainable sources, using the highest quality plant and essential oils we can find and minimizing the use of preservatives and synthetics.



Our commitment to sourcing products:


No Parabens: Parabens are used in an estimated 90% of skincare products. They are preservatives that extend the shelf life for many years. On healthy skin, parabens are non-irritating. However on fragile, sensitive or young skin, parabens may cause skin irritation, contact dermatitis and Rosacea. Skin Corner products are paraben free as they are formulated to be gentle on the skin whilst releasing the therapeutic properties of plant and essential oils.


No Sulphates: Sulphates (SLS, SLES) are surfactant chemicals used in many cleaning products. Sulphates strip the skin of its natural protective oil barriers and often leave skin feeling taught, leathery and irritated. Our products are sulphate free to maintain a healthy skin barrier function.

No Petrochemicals- Petrochemicals are chemical ingredients made from fractions of crude oil. The source of petrochemicals is non-renewable. Because of their occlusive properties, petrochemicals can clog the skin, preventing it to breathe. Skin Corner products are petrochemical free to allow the skin to breathe. We look for ethically harvested ingredients in a sustainable way.

No Artificial Colours- Artificial colours are listed as CI numbers on the ingredients list. They are used in many cosmetics to mask the natural colour of the product; making the product look more attractive. Artificial colours are synthetically made and are often difficult to bio-degrade. Skin Corner’s products are artificial colour free as there are no therapeutic benefits gained from artificial colours.